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An integrated circuit (also referred to as an IC, a chip, or a microchip) is a set of electronic circuits on one small flat piece (or "chip") of semiconductor material, normally silicon. The integration of large numbers of tiny transistors into a small chip resulted in circuits that are orders of magnitude smaller, cheaper, and faster than those constructed of discrete electronic components. IC Chips are in stock at ALLCHIPS Electronics. ALLCHIPS offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for IC Chips. To know more, please view our large section of IC Chips below.

Product Part Number Manufacturers Description Package PDF Rfq
3M 558F-TNG 3M 558F-TNG 3M Box 3M 558F-TNG
3M PP-EP-UA 3M PP-EP-UA 3M 25x16x1 Bulk 3M PP-EP-UA
3M PRO330 3M PRO330 3M Bulk 3M PRO330
3M R330-14YWM 3M R330-14YWM 3M Bulk 3M R330-14YWM
3M R330-24VAD 3M R330-24VAD 3M Bulk 3M R330-24VAD
3M R330-6SSAN 3M R330-6SSAN 3M Bulk 3M R330-6SSAN
3M R330-AN 3M R330-AN 3M Bulk 3M R330-AN
3M R330RP-12YW 3M R330RP-12YW 3M Bulk 3M R330RP-12YW
3M R350-YW 3M R350-YW 3M Bulk 3M R350-YW
3M UA03DC-6 3M UA03DC-6 3M 25x20x1 Bulk 3M UA03DC-6
3M 09830 3M 09830 3M xx Box 3M 09830
3M 304DC-6 3M 304DC-6 3M 25x14x1 Box 3M 304DC-6
3M 312-6 3M 312-6 3M xx Box 3M 312-6
3M 320DC-6 3M 320DC-6 3M 24x12x1 Box 3M 320DC-6
3M 326DC-6 3M 326DC-6 3M 24x20x1 Box 3M 326DC-6
3M 2001DC-6 3M 2001DC-6 3M 25x16x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2001DC-6
3M 2002DC-6 3M 2002DC-6 3M 20x20x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2002DC-6
3M 2005DC-6 3M 2005DC-6 3M 20x14x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2005DC-6
3M 2006DC-6 3M 2006DC-6 3M 20x15x1 Box 3M 2006DC-6
3M 2007DC-6 3M 2007DC-6 3M 20x10x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2007DC-6
3M 2011DC-6 3M 2011DC-6 3M 14x14x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2011DC-6
3M 2013DC-6 3M 2013DC-6 3M 30x24x1 Box 3M 2013DC-6
3M 2014DC-6 3M 2014DC-6 3M 36x12x1 Box 3M 2014DC-6
3M 2015DC-6 3M 2015DC-6 3M 25x25x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2015DC-6
3M 2024DC-6 3M 2024DC-6 3M 30x14x1 Pleated Filter Box 3M 2024DC-6
3M 2025DC-6 3M 2025DC-6 3M 24x16x1 Box 3M 2025DC-6
3M 2044DC-6 3M 2044DC-6 3M 36x14x1 Box 3M 2044DC-6
3M E329 3M E329 3M xx Bulk 3M E329
3M 9884DC-6 3M 9884DC-6 3M 30x14x1 Bulk 3M 9884DC-6
3M 9835DC-6 3M 9835DC-6 3M 20x14x1 Pleated Filter Bulk 3M 9835DC-6